Areas covered:
If you are planning on building a garage,extension or making alterations to an existing garage door opening then
read our guide below and it may help at the planning stage.
*This is only a guide,please refer to the manufacturers brochures or contact us before proceeding.
Building a garage?
Width & height
  • Maximise the width of the opening.New cars are becoming wider and the standard garage door width of 7ft
    (2134mm) is often a very tight squeeze
  • Aim for 7ft6"(2286mm) or 8ft(2438mm) for a single garage.
  • Aim for 15ft(4572mm) or 16ft(4877mm)for a double garage.
  • The standard heights for garage doors is 6ft6"(1981mm) or 7ft(2134mm).
  • Non standard heights are available at extra cost.
Frequently Asked Questions?
How big should the opening be if a frame is being fitted?
A standard frame for a Canopy or retractable garage door is 2 3/4" (70mm).
Add 6"(152mm) to the width, brick to brick.
Add 3"(75mm) to the height,floor to underside of the lintel.
So a standard size 7ft wide x 6ft6"high garage door would need a structural opening 7ft6" wide x 6ft9"

*These measurements include tolerance.
How much room do I need above the door for a Roller Shutter?
Most standard insulated electric roller doors need 300mm above the underside of the lintel.
The Compact versions only require 205mm.
The roller door can be fitted between the brickwork reveals and under the lintel although height will
be compromised.
How do I open my electric garage door in the event of a power cut?
If there is a side door,the door has a release or winder which can allow you to open the door manually.
If the garage door is the only access then an external release is fitted to the garage door.
Roller doors have a External release fitted through the brickwork which allows you to wind the door with a
crank handle.
Which is the most secure garage door?
Roller doors & sectional doors are the most secure and also have the added benefit of draught strips
fitted at top,bottom & sides.
How big should the opening be if a Roller door is being fitted?
Electric Insulated roller doors are made to the millimetre and can be fitted behind or between the
brickwork reveal.
Most roller doors are fitted behind the opening,so if the opening is 2305mm brick to brick wide then the
door can be made 2305mm wide.
How big should the opening be if a Sectional door is being fitted?
Sectional doors are available in many common sizes and are normally fitted behind the brickwork reveal.
same size.
If the opening is smaller then the door can overlap the brickwork or if the opening is slightly bigger the
tracks will show and can be clad in fascia to match the door.  
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